Planet Stun Gun

A Real Stunner – The New Stun Gun iPhone Case Accessory from Yellow Jacket 

Anyone who has ever been in the predicament where they need to ward off an assailant approaching quickly in attack mode realizes they need a higher level of defense than simply being able to run away. Before the recent technology was invented, the safest form of protection was to carry a can of pepper spray or utilize a standalone stun gun. However, new innovative technology has fused the abilities of an iPhone with the protection of a stun gun as a single unit. Built as an accessory to an iPhone 4, the new Yellow Jacket stun gun case conveniently protects the smart phone and the user at the same time. 

650K of Stun Gun Power

Designed to deliver 650,000 volts of electricity in a single jolt of power through two electrodes, the Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case gets its power from an extended battery that can double as a backup unit with 20 extra hours of battery life. Only out in the marketplace for a few months, the new stun gun case is available in pink, gold, black and white. Sold for US $139, new designs for the stun gun case will make the device able to fit both Samsung Galaxy III and the iPhone 5.


Safety First

At first thought, it seems an unlikely pairing to use the same device to call home to mother, and to drop an assailant just 20 feet away, with a single blast of electricity. However, the inventors designed the device with full safety features. Its distinct electrode cap must be rotated 180° to initiate the arming of the device. Once armed, the activation button will release two electrodes with a full charge as it is being pointed toward the assailant. When unarmed, it provides complete safety of the device while it is being transported, carried or held up to the user’s face, without the need to worry.

The device has been thoroughly tested for its effectiveness, safety and practical use. Testing indicates that the unit can be armed and ready in less than two seconds. The size of the unit with the iPhone attached is less than 1 inch thick, and only 3 inches longer in length. The iPhone with its Yellow Jacket Stun Gun case weighs less than 8 ounces, which makes it easy to carry and store. Now users can quickly deploy their offensive weapon (their iPhone Yellow Jacket defense case) that has its own built-in battery.

Written by Greg Overton — February 12, 2013

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