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The Stun Gun iPhone Case by Yellow Jacket – The Ultimate Smart Phone Accessory

Quickly becoming recognized as the ultimate smart phone accessory, the Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case is one of the most amazing products to hit the cell phone industry in years. Originally designed for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the makers of the stun gun are adding additional designs in the first quarter of 2013, to include a case for the Samsung Galaxy III, and the iPhone 5.

A Personal Line of Defense

Featured on television and many top name websites and magazines, the new Yellow Jacket Smartphone stun gun accessory offers a personal line of defense in the palm of the hand. The original logic when creating the device was based on the fact that most individuals will never leave the house without their smart phone. By incorporating the technology of a stun gun with the capacity of a smart phone, every individual can be fully armed when in public, or asleep in their bed.


650K of Energy

The Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case delivers 650,000 volts of produced electricity through an assailant’s body through two electrodes shot out from the top of the phone case. While it is true that most individuals do not need a stun gun 24 hours a day, the additional extended power source can transfer the unused battery juice to the iPhone to provide one complete iPhone battery recharge.

Weighs Less Than 4 Ounces

On its own, the Yellow Jacket weighs slightly less than four ounces, making it only slightly heavier than most hard-sided cases designed for the iPhone 4. It houses an additional safety feature, that makes it impossible to discharge the power by accident. Requiring the rotation of the electrode cap top to arm the stun gun, it can be readied and fired at the assailant in under two seconds. When not in use, it can be safely held to the ear when talking on the iPhone, with full assurance of complete safety.

While the additional stun gun accessory makes the standard iPhone case slightly thicker than normal, the benefits the device provides is more than worth the additional bulkiness. The stun gun case is now available online for US $139 and can be ordered in any one of four colors including pink, gold, white and black. The Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case is a personal accessory no one should be without.

Written by Greg Overton — February 12, 2013

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