Planet Stun Gun

Yellow Jackets Answer to Defending Yourself from an Attacker

Just when you thought there would be no way to improve your iPhone, the inventors at Yellow Jacket have created a new twist to your smart phone. With the simple click of a protective case, any iPhone 4 and 4S can instantly transform into a smart phone with a stun gun accessory. Pulling double duty as a protective device, the Yellow Jacket stun gun accessory snaps on in seconds to provide 650,000 volts of energy, or enough power to drop an aggressive full-grown man to the ground.

After creator Seth Froom was held up at gunpoint in the safety of his own home, he realized the only device he had on him at the time to protect himself was a smart phone. An obvious solution was to create a stun gun that could simply snap onto his iPhone. In addition to having the ability to protect himself, it needed to be safe enough to use as a phone, without the worry of being accidentally zapped. The result of his creative idea was the invention of the Yellow Jacket stun gun protection case for the iPhone.


How It Works

Designed to be slightly thicker than a standard iPhone protection case, the Yellow Jacket stun gun accessory utilizes its own built-in battery that can provide enough force of electricity to stop any aggressive intruder. Requiring less than two seconds to flip the safety switch, any phone user can stop a potential attacker faster than searching for pepper spray, a weapon or standalone stun gun. With the extra battery attached directly to the iPhone, users gain an additional 20 hours of standby time when the stun gun is not utilized.

Protection Anywhere

By placing the charger on the nightstand next to the bed, any iPhone user will have instant access to their stun gun should an intruder make their way into the house. Additionally, carrying a seemingly harmless smart phone will likely not antagonize an attacker in the moments just before they are zapped with a high jolt of electricity. This gives a significant advantage to the iPhone owner, who can then run away once the assailant has been stopped.

With the ability to provide retaliation against an attacker, any man or woman can gain a significant advantage when accosted by someone that means to do them harm. Having the ability to fire electrodes at an assailant can quickly reverse the dangerous situation and provide instant safety to the iPhone owner.

Written by Greg Overton — February 12, 2013

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