Planet Stun Gun

Taking down the Attacker with an iPhone Stun Gun

Thanks to the folks over at Indiegogo, there was enough generated crowd funding money for the inventors of the amazing Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun protective case to bring their product to market. Delivering more than 650,000 volts of defense, the iPhone stun gun quickly evens the odds when protecting yourself against an attack. 

Two Years in Development

After 24 months in the development phase, with extensive bootstrapping for funding, the inventors finally turned to crowd funding as a source of revenue and received over $100,000 worth of pre-purchase orders in less than the 40 days they thought it would take. As a result, it was one of the top dozen successful campaigns in crowd funding history. 

A Fast Protection Solution

Without the need to carry additional pepper spray, or a standalone stun gun, the new Yellow Jacket stun gun utilizes its own additional battery pack to generate a striking blow of electricity on any intruder, attacker or individual wanting to do harm. When not in use, the additional juice in the battery can provide an amazing 20 additional hours of power for the iPhone. 


Incapable of Accidentally Discharging

Integrating the technology into a small case, no larger than the thickness of the iPhone itself, the additional size of the stun gun makes it easy to carry and store. As an additional layer of safeguarding, the inventors incorporated a safety switch to assure the user that there is no possible way to stun themselves when making or taking a call. Users can feel fully confident in placing the stun gun up to their face without the possibility of an accidental discharge of energy.

Available for only US $139, for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the Yellow Jacket stun gun case is manufactured in four colors including black, white, pink, and gold. The website indicates that within the first quarter of 2013, additional stun gun cases will be available for both the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III.

Designed to be impressive, the Yellow Jacket stun gun phone case provides a menacing and loud experience for the attacker that is also extremely painful. With a simple flip of the safety switch (sturdy electrode cover), the stun gun can produce and deliver an amazingly powerful shock. Studies indicate that the high-voltage delivery system can quickly drop a full grown man in an aggressive, attack mode. Now, anyone can use their Smartphone to protect their life.

Written by Greg Overton — February 12, 2013

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