Planet Stun Gun

Protection for You and Your Phone 

The safe alternative to sleeping with a loaded gun under your pillow could easily be the cell phone plugged in at the nightstand next to your bed. Just as important as dialing 911 to make an emergency phone call of an intruder inside the house, arming a smart phone to double as a stun gun can be active and within reach every moment you are awake and asleep. The iPhone stun gun attachment is the latest innovative idea from Yellow Jacket. The ingenious technology of incorporating a stun gun into an iPhone case now provides protection within easy reach.

Manufactured with an additional built-in battery, the Yellow Jacket stun gun carries its own juice (power) to quickly ward off any potential attacker. When not in use, the additional battery doubles as a power backup for the phone, providing upwards of 20 additional hours in standby mode. 

At first blush it might make one a bit nervous to hold an iPhone with stun gun capabilities up to the user’s ear. However, the inventors of the Yellow Jacket stun gun added two additional layers of safeguarded protection to prevent the ability to accidentally shock the user. By incorporating a clever safety switch, the user must be fully committed to using the device before enabling it to turn on its stun gun mode. This assures the user that no accidental shocking will happen through physical contact.

Studies indicate that using the handheld iPhone with stun gun capabilities is easier to operate and quicker to access than pulling out a standalone stun gun or can of pepper spray. Luckily, through its innovative design, the iPhone is only slightly bulkier with the stun gun attachment than the weight of the smart phone on its own. Weighing in at a mere 4 ounces, or just slightly less than the weight of the iPhone without any case, the Yellow Jacket iPhone case is extremely lightweight and always “at the ready.” 

The makers of the yellow jacket stun gun accessory have created the case to fit the iPhone. However, they are working out additional case designs for both the HTC Evo along with the Samsung Galaxy smart phones. The Yellow Jacket stun gun case is available in multiple colors. By purchasing the Yellow Jacket iPhone attachment, you can have a stun gun as close as the palm of your hand.



Written by Greg Overton — February 12, 2013

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