Planet Stun Gun

Incorporating a new idea using an old reliable weapon has quickly transformed the personal line of defense more than ever anticipated. Yellow Jacket has quickly created a buzz in the smart phone industry by integrating a fully functional stun gun into a well-designed iPhone case. The clever design intuitively blends two distinctly separate devices into a single platform with instant availability to either make a call or drop an assailant to the ground.

The Blending of Two Technologies

Almost as an invention of inevitability, the creator Seth Froom developed the idea after being robbed in his home. Recognizing that the only means of defense was the iPhone in his hand, he quickly realized he should have been holding a stun gun instead. With the knowledge that most everyone has their smart phone on them at all times, incorporating the two technologies together seemed like an obvious evolution.

A Creative Idea for Startup Money

Quickly formulating a company, and recognizing they required at least $100,000 in startup money, they turned to crowd funding as a source of revenue. Within weeks, there were enough investors to generate the funds Seth and his associates required to begin production. By the third quarter of 2012, the company was well on its way to producing the first stun gun cases. Originally designed for the iPhone 4, additional re-designs are in the works to produce a stun gun case for both the Samsung Galaxy III and the new iPhone 5.

Armed/Activated in Less Than Two Seconds                                                                                                           

The biggest difference between the iPhone case and a traditional standalone unit is the Yellow Jacket stun gun’s ease-of-use. Without the requirement to carry an additional device, the iPhone owner simply needs to flip the cap on the top of the case to arm the unit. In less than two seconds, the device can be armed and activated with the simple push of a button. Two electrodes are then shot out of the top of the iPhone toward the assailant. Once making contact, 650K volts of electricity are transferred into the attacker’s body.

With the built-in safety mechanism to ensure complete safeguards against accidentally firing the stun gun, users can be assured that the device fires only when desired. Providing the ultimate safeguard for anyone that holds a smart phone, this new accessory provides the shock of a lifetime to an attacker that least expects it.

Written by Greg Overton — February 12, 2013

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