Planet Stun Gun

Stop an Attack with a Small Stun Gun in an iPhone Case

As Seth Froom found out just a few years ago, danger and potential violence can happen anywhere, even in the comfort of our own homes. Not long ago, when spending an evening with family and friends, Seth was robbed by an intruder. With the inability to run upstairs and grab a shotgun, or dash into another room to get a hold of his Taser, the only defense he had was his iPhone – hardly a match for an aggressive assailant. Losing his pride along with his wallet, he quickly came to know that if his iPhone had been his Taser, things would have turned out differently.

Development and Funding to Start Up

It was only a few short weeks later, when he found his Taser, that the idea of incorporating a stun gun into an iPhone case came to fruition. Wanting to seize on the idea, he quickly formed a company called Yellow Jacket, found partners and assembled the funds using crowd funding at Indiegogo. By the time his funding campaign was up, his company had raised the hundred thousand dollars seed money they needed to start the business. By the third quarter of 2012, production at Yellow Jacket started on manufacturing stun gun cases to fit the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S. By early 2013, new designs were quickly in the works to add new cases that would fit the Apple iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy III, along with the HTC Evo smart phones.

Armed and Safe Modes

Providing a 650,000 volt blast of electricity through two electrodes, the Yellow Jacket defense case can quickly stop an assailant in his tracks. The unit can be armed in less than two seconds with the flip of a cap, along with the press of the activator button. When unarmed, the phone remains 100% in safe mode to make and receive phone calls, text, and use the screen for Apple applications.

With the blending of technology of the iPhone and a Yellow Jacket defense case, anyone can have instant protection when out in public, in the home, or when sleeping at night, with the phone recharging next to the bed. The integrated technology provides a very convenient advantage to the owner and a high level of protection if the smart phone is ever dropped. Providing top-level handheld security, the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun iPhone case can quickly deter violent crime within seconds.


Written by Greg Overton — February 13, 2013

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