Planet Stun Gun

A Self-Defense Alternative As Close As Your Phone

While the makers of the Apple iPhone went to great lengths to provide high-level security against viruses and online intruders, it took the makers of the Yellow Jacket iPhone accessory to add protection from physical intruders as well. The new technology from Yellow Jacket now adds a stun gun to your iPhone case. With built-in capabilities, the iPhone quickly transforms into a stun gun that protects the smart phone owner from intrusion or violent crime. The creative technology allows you to quickly turn your iPhone case into a much-needed weapon of self-defense.


650k Volts of Power

Built with its own external battery, the Yellow Jacket stun gun accessory provides an additional 20 hours standby time when not in use. However it can provide a whopping 650,000 volts of power to drop any individual that chooses to do harm to the owner of the smart phone. The design and technology of the stun gun accessory has the ability to disable an aggressive, full grown adult male.

The Safety Switch

The designers incorporated a safety switch into the stun gun iPhone case as a way to avoid any accidental shock or electronic discharge. The safety switch to the case requires a deliberate flip of the rotating electrode cap to assure the user of complete safety when placing or receiving a phone call.

The device works different than a Taser. As a stun gun, it provides a quick blast of high-voltage, low average electricity, which greatly decreases the potential for long-lasting physical damage or death. Unlike a Taser, that requires an accurate firing, a stun gun can quickly drop a large adult in crippling pain, and provides the opportunity for the assaulted individual to get away.

A Slim Design

The Yellow Jacket stun gun iPhone case was designed to be as thin and lightweight as possible. The case with the iPhone attached is still less than 1 inch thick, and only 3/8th  of an inch longer in length. The weight of the entire device with the stun gun and the iPhone is still an amazing 8 ounces. The lightweight design provides easy transportability, with the ease of use.

To use the stun gun effectively as a self-defense alternative, the individual only needs to rotate the top switch, aim the device and hit the activator button. Instantaneously, the two electrodes will be shot out of the stun gun to hit the assailant. Now anyone can defend themselves with the Yellow Jacket Defense Case.

Written by Greg Overton — February 13, 2013

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