Planet Stun Gun

It's been over two years in the design, funding and manufacturing phase, the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun iPhone case for the iPhone 4  has finally made its way to the market. With much anticipation, this creative and innovative product is likely to become the next standard in self-defense. With its ability to deliver an incredibly potent 650K of generated power, the case offers enough juice to drop a big man to the ground in just two seconds. That is a more amazing feat than any iPhone user is likely to download from the App Store.

With its clever design, the Yellow Jacket stun gun case cleverly snaps onto any iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The company has slated additional cases to fit the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III before the second quarter of 2013. The sleek design makes the entire iPhone and case approximately 1 inch thick, and about 3/8 of an inch taller in height. Combined with the weight of the iPhone, the entire unit weighs less than 8 ounces.

When not used as a stun gun, the Yellow Jacket accessory can utilize the extra power in its external battery to provide extra juice (up to 20 additional hours) for the smart phone.

While all other protective cases for the iPhone are simply designed as a way to safeguard the phone, the accessory can quickly provide immediate protection for the iPhone owner as well. Available online for US $139, the stun gun phone accessory is manufactured in four colors including gold, pink, white and black. The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun smart phone case is a clever idea that allows the iPhone to double as a much-needed stun gun.




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Written by Greg Overton — April 10, 2013

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