Planet Stun Gun

Expandable Baton - Foam Grip

Expandable Steel Baton. Less expensive than the ASP Baton. These solid steel tactical batons come in 3 different sizes and expand with just a flick of the wrist. This expandable baton has padded foam for easy grip. It will fit perfectly in your boot or next to you in your car.

  • Easy to carry and quick to draw out.

  • No sharp edges to ruin clothing or cut.

  • Has great balance compared to other impact weapons.

  • Very low profile - easy to put away.

  • Free nylon holster with belt loop

Three sizes: 16", 21", and 26".

Here is a list of expandable baton laws in states where expandable batons are illegal:

California - Illegal

Massachusetts - Illegal

New York State - Illegal

Washington DC (District Of Columbia) - Illegal

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