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Fox Labs Mean Green Key Chain Pepper Spray

Fox Labs Mean Green Pepper Spray is now in a convenient keychain size.

The hard-shell plastic key chain holds your keys securely and allows a quick and convenient release to separate the keys when you leave your car with the repair shop or valet. This way you can keep your pepper spray close and available.

The Fox Labs Mean Green formula is based on an astounding 3 million SHU base resin with a nozzle heat of 180,000 shu and 1.22% Major Capsaicinoids. Capsaicinoids are the chemicals that create the heat. The EPA only requires 1.00% to call it bear spray, you get 22% more with Mean Green. Get the convenient, refillable 15 gram size to keep with your keys, in a briefcase, coat pocket, purse, backpack etc.

The best part of this Mean Green pepper spray from Fox Labs has an intense green dye that will mark your target for easy identification. Not to mention the incredible heat that will disable them. Fox Labs Mean Green is non-flammable and safe to use with Stun Guns and Tasers.

With this Fox Lab Pepper Spray, you will get about 10 quick shots with a range of 8-10 feet.

Dimensions: Keychain is 4.25 inches long (not including quick release.) 1.38" in diameter. Refill can is just under 4 inches long and 7/8ths in diameter.

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