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iPhone Stun Gun Battery Extender Case

The NEW iPhone Stun Gun Battery Extender Case protects more than just your iPhone 4/4s - It protects you and your assets. Concealed inside the case is a 650K volt stun gun that is loud, bright and painful. It also is a battery extender that provides one full 20 hour battery charge for your iPhone.


Yellow Jacket™ is a 650k volt stun gun concealed inside an iPhone™ case. Yellow Jacket™ has 2 safety features that help prevent accidental discharge while being easily deployable in an instant. The external battery can charge your iphone for up to one full extra battery charge - See more at:

Features and Benefits

  • Activation in stun mode sends 650,000V of electricity flowing from the case's electrodes and into an assailant upon contact to provide an opportunity to escape danger
  • Inside housing assembly securely holds an iPhone 4/4s (not included)
  • Rubber sleeve wraps around your phone to provide added protection and a smooth look and feel
  • Internal battery provides up to 20 hours of battery time to your phone
  • Safety switch and rotating electrode cap help prevent accidental firing
  • Comes in Pink or Black


Is Yellow Jacket Safe? Absolutely. Our mission is to quickly enable self-defense while protecting you from a negligent discharge. We are succeeding. Like any professional self-defense item, your Yellow Jacket is equipped with a dual safety switch. Before use, you must flip off the sturdy electrode cover to deliver a shock.
Although this one is for the iPhone 4.4S, the iPhone 5 case and Android GalaxyS are in the works right now and should be on the market soon.
Product Specifications
Height 5.6''
Width 2.6''
Depth 1.0"
Weight 0.2900
Battery Life Up to 3 Weeks
Voltage 650,000
Materials PC & ABS
Amperage 0.8 mA

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